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Energy Medicine, Biofield Tuning and Sound Sessions


Ann Harmon, Ph.D.


About Ann

     Ann earned her Ph.D. in Human Services from Walden University and a M.A. in Counseling and Human Service from the University of Colorado.

     She has been studying meditation, energy medicine and many other healing modalities for over 30 years.   

     With over 25 years of working with clients Ann's purpose continues to assist others learn how to balance their own energies and align with their Divine Self and higher purpose. She brings joy, passion, intuitive insights and amazing skills to shift energy during her sessions with clients. 



I have known Ann for many years, and have had the pleasure of experiencing her wonderful spiritual nature. I have participated in her meditation classes and study of the seven Rays.

She has certainly helped me along my spiritual journey and for that I am so grateful.

I also have used the Symmetron Motion Chair and found it a profound and beautiful healing experience.

All who come in contact with Ann will truly be blessed.


Patti Dodge

Reiki Master

Craniosacral practitioner

Trinity Table facilitator

Esoteric Healing

I recommend working with Ann.  She is an inspiration and she lives what she teaches.  I took meditation classes as well as working one-on-one with her and my entire life opened up to new possibilities and change.  I have seen my life change abundantly in every way. Ann shows you how to use the tools you already have to build a better and healthier life.

Lori Klebba

Certified & Registered Reflexologist

ARCB Board Certified Reflexologist

Certified Massage Therapist

Private and Group Remote Sessions during pandemic

PayPal Available at: PayPal.Me/AnnHarmonPhD

Energy Medicine with Sound Sessions

During the first part of a Energy Medicine and Sound session I introduce several sound modalities that will beautifully lull the body into a deep state of relaxation. During the second part I will help the body release even more tension and shift into a deeper state of relaxation where I invite your Higher Self to assist you on all levels of your Being.

Common remarks after an Energy Medicine and Sound session include:

"I feel so light and relaxed."

"That was amazing. I feel less anxious and more at peace."   

"I feel like myself again ... so much more clarity."

Below are two free sound sessions using intention, tuning forks,
tuning pipes and crystal bowls. 






Biofield Tuning based on the work of Eileen Day McKusick

Biofield Tuning is a sound therapy method that uses the biofeedback produced by the pure tones of tuning forks to help the body relax and breathe more deeply. This deep relaxation can help reduce the cumulative effects of stress, freeing blocked energy and allowing it to return to and circulate throughout the body.


Rather than treating specific disorders, Biofield Tuning helps ‘raise the voltage’ of the the body's electromagnetic system, giving it more energy and power to do what it is designed to do - self repair.

Now Offering Remote Sessions

Intuitive Insights and Energy Shifting Phone Session

Intuitive Insights, Energy Shifting Zoom Sound Session

Group Energy Shifting Zoom Sound Session

5 minute sound tune up sent with
20 minute sound only focus on positive e

Flower Essences, Selenite Crystals and Sound

Alchemy Kit

This Alchemy Kit includes

1 - Flower Essence (1 oz bottle preserved in brandy) infused with Flowers,

Selenite Heart Crystal Elixir, Uplifting Intentions and Sound
1 - Flower Essence Room Spray with Clarity Essential Oil and Selenite Crystal Shard

infused with Flowers, Selenite Heart Crystal Elixir, Uplifting Intentions and Sound

2 - Selenite Crystal Wands and 1 - Selenite Heart Pendant  (Kit 1)


2 - Selenite Crystal Palm Stones and 1- Selenite Heart palm stone (Kit 2)

Cost is $50.00 plus shipping










I was guided to create these Alchemy Kits to assist in "riding the waves of change" happening right now. My intentions included everyone would feel loved, valued, and appreciated ... whole and complete. Each person would begin to feel more flow, purity, beauty, love and light in their lives. There is an Alchemy Process you may notice as you take these essences, mist yourself and your room and use your selenite crystals in meditation as you focus on your higher path of love, light, joy and blessings.  

If you are interested, you are invited to my free/donation weekly remote sound session on Wednesday evenings from 7-8 pm EST

or a monthly group sound session on Zoom for a fee of $20.00. 

Private Zoom sound sessions are also available.



You may also use either one of the above free sound sessions after taking your essences, using your spray, setting intentions and hold your selentie crystals
... pay attention to what you notice, express gratitude and enjoy!








You are Loved, Valued and Appreciated ...BLESSED, Whole and Complete

For more information contact me at:  or  (810) 599-3302
"Selenite is the Great Connector, Transformer and Illuminator!"


Several Selenite Crystals and Tuning Forks available for sale.

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Hamburg, Michigan

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